On April 15th, 16 influential event professionals and more than 1,000 participants came together for EventHack 20, where teams hacked the future of virtual events. It was a huge success, and we’re excited to bring you recaps of each team’s presentation. If you didn’t have a chance to attend EventHack 2020 or you want to relive the event, check out the on-demand recording.

So, without further ado, let’s introduce our first team: The Hack Doctors!

  • Jocelyn Horsager – Zoom
  • Nick Borelli – Borelli Strategies 
  • Erin Stanley – Altitude Summit
  • Nicole Paul – The Dijulius Group

Together, they built NEW2020, a virtual event that brings small-practice medical practitioners together (in the middle of a pandemic) to facilitate networking, education, and well-being.

Problems to Solve 

Looking at the event as a whole, each stage of the planning process presented different problems for Hack Doctors to address. 

Presented Solutions 

Based on the problems at hand, team Hack Doctors came up with some creative and actionable solutions to address issues like attendee engagement, virtual sponsorship, and how to keep the conversation going post-event. If I were you, I’d definitely snag some of these ideas for your own virtual events (the self-care ideas are 👍).

It’s clear that team Hack Doctors put a lot of thought and effort into providing solutions that addressed each of the potential problems they identified. In particular, showing the areas that you can monetize — self-care breaks, meal donation, and a virtual “Shark Tank” — were great ideas and easy to see in their presentation as marked by the $. 

Although we don’t know what our “new normal” is going to look like when this all clears out, we do know that we have some great ideas for the future of events. 

Thank you, Hack Doctors!