Audience engagement tools that boost interaction

Create immersive virtual, in-person, and hybrid event experiences with chat, Q&A, polling, and more.

Endless opportunities to engage and delight attendees. 

Keep attendees tuned in, interacting, and having tons of fun.

Session chat

Boost the energy of your event with live session chat. Participants can share thoughts, reactions, and resources in real-time to increase event engagement.


Give your audience a voice by allowing them to ask questions and upvote the ones they want to hear answers to the most.

slido event poll


Enrich your live stream by launching polls related to your event’s topic, incorporating questions from your premier event sponsors, and choosing to share poll results with attendees.

Social Wall

Give your attendees a social feed that acts as your event’s own personal social media platform where they can post pictures, share comments, and engage in discussion threads.


Funnel excitement toward challenges that drive sponsor engagement, survey participation, session attendance, and other ROI positive behaviors.

Attendee Lobby

Welcome attendees to the heart of your next event. Create a powerful landing experience with key event content like welcome messages, countdowns, keynote speakers, sponsors, agendas, and more. 

What’s included with Webex Events?

See the full spectrum of Webex Events features right out of the box.

Session Check-In

Check-In gives you the flexibility you need to control access and track attendee data for sessions at in-person events.

Event Branding & Customization

Build the event you envision, in your look and feel.

Live Streaming, Simulive, & Video Hosting

Professional-grade live streaming, simulive, and video hosting for events.

Content Widgets

Stop manually updating your website every time your event content changes with embeddable widgets.

Sponsorship Tools

Monetize your event by maximizing sponsor ROI.

Speaker Engagement

Native tools like session chat, Q&A, polling and more that make your event interactive.

Event Agenda & Digital Guide

Centralize your event schedule and content in one location.

Event Gamification

Incentivize event engagement with friendly competition.

Speaker & Sponsor Collaboration

Save time and stress less by giving them the ability to manage their own event content.

Event Data & Analytics

Get the insights you need from your event data.

Take your events to the next level

The future of events is here. Discover why event organizers trust Webex Events to power virtual, in-person, and hybrid event success.