When MAD//Fest co-founders, Dan Brain and Ian Houghton decided they were tired of boring events, they quit their jobs, raised some money, and in five and half months launched MAD//Fest 2018 in London. Now, the event is the largest marketing festival in the UK. Flash forward to 2022, and MAD//Fest has hosted events across all three event formats: virtual, in-person, and hybrid – and they’re just getting started.  

In this case study, you’ll learn how the MAD//Fest team has uniquely positioned themselves as trailblazers of virtual, in-person, and hybrid, and all the ways they’re crafting immersive attendee experiences and driving measurable ROI for their sponsors. 

  • Say “yes” to “no more boring events”
    Find out how to challenge the in-person event status quo by leveraging experiential marketing tactics that wow attendees and sponsors. 
  • Jump into (and totally rock) virtual event MAD-ness
    Discover how to keep your virtual attendees engaged and interacting with creative event structure, plenty of engagement and networking opportunities — and of course, the right event tech.  
  • Meet the future of events: hybrid
    Learn how to launch a hybrid event that caters to both virtual and in-person attendees, and provides endless engagement opportunities for hybrid sponsors. 
  • Continue to raise the bar
    Discover how you can take your events program to a new level by crafting content that resonates with your audience, building unforgettable event experiences, and using event technology that can pivot with you as your events program evolves.