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Cisco is the #1 place to work in over a dozen countries worldwide

When you work at Webex Events, formerly Socio, you’re helping shape the next era of events. The event experience is what matters, no matter where attendees are or how they join.

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At Cisco

At Cisco, you can do some of your life’s best work, impacting how people come together to learn, grow, make new connections, and move business forward. 

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Work how you want

As we create solutions to solve for a hybrid world, Webex Events & Cisco have transitioned to an entirely hybrid workforce. With over 70,000 employees across the globe, we’re letting our employees decide how they want to work. In fact, Webex Events already has a global workforce of 150 employees between the US and Turkey, nearly all of which are 100% remote.

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Benefits & perks

From financial security to wellness and personal growth, we are here to support you.

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As our CEO Chuck Robbins recently said, “#WeAreCisco is more than a hashtag — it means something. We celebrate our accomplishments, have each other’s back, and are always striving to be better team members and build an inclusive future for all. That’s what a Conscious Culture is all about.

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Building the bridge to possible.

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