Your check-in process sets the stage for your event. Making people wait in a line wrapped around the conference hall to get their badge isn’t a good first impression. Learn how on-site badge printing streamlines event management, the check-in process, and more.

The role of on-site event badge printing

Pre-printing attendee badges is a bit of an antiquated approach to event management. It’s a slower process and tends to eat up more resources than necessary.

On-site badge printing, supported by the right event management software, effectively streamlines a healthy chunk of the event planning and management processes, in addition to offering other benefits.

Streamlines the check-in process

Process of checking in on a conference congress forum event, registration desk table, visitors and attendees receiving a name badge and entrance wristband bracelet and register the electronic ticket

A typical check-in might entail hundreds (or thousands) of pre-printed ID tags organized alphabetically. Then, event staff manually sorts through them to find the correct one for each attendee who approaches the event registration table. And, what if there’s a mistake with their event ID? Staff may end up having to reprint it anyway.

On-site badge printing enhances the attendee experience. A quicker check-in process means attendees spend less time waiting in line and more time enjoying everything your event has to offer.

Keeps registration flexible

With on-site badge printing, registration deadlines aren’t necessary. That means that, up until your event is in full swing, interested attendees can still join. Working professionals are busy, and email reminders can get lost in the everyday shuffle. On-site event badge printing effectively opens the door (and keeps it open) for event attendees who just didn’t get a chance to pre-register.

Produces less waste

With traditional badge printing, event organizers print one plastic badge per person, per registration. The problem with this is that not everyone who registers ends up attending the event. There are a ton of contributing factors that may prevent someone who has registered from not showing up, and if your event is large, that could potentially mean hundreds of wasted badges. On-site badge printing eliminates unnecessary plastic because you only print badges for the present attendees.

Saves money

On-site badge printing helps cut costs. For one, it provides a self-service check-in option, which means you won’t need as many staff members manning the registration desk on the event day. And, as mentioned above, printing badges on-demand means you only print what you need.

Provides valuable data

Tracking event data proves integral to reporting ROI. Gathering insights like attendance is made easier—and often more accurate—with on-site badge printing. Plus, a single, packaged solution that includes both printing software and hardware enables smooth data integration with your existing event technology.

On-site badge printing with Webex Events

Sounds pretty appealing, right? Webex Events offers a seamless event check-in and badge printing experience with customization options for sharp-looking attendee badges your guests will proudly wear. Its single-package solution supports software, hardware, and on-site support needs.

Webex Events Onsite offers equipment rentals that include everything event organizers need to streamline check-in at the door. We’ll make sure you have your badge printing kit at least a couple of days before your event, so there’s plenty of time to get it set up and run some tests.

Webex Events allows users to design custom badges unique to their event. Choose between black and white or pre-printed and templated color options to add visual appeal.

How do I customize badges?

Using the Webex Events Onsite App, creating a custom badge is easy. Simply navigate to the Onsite App in your Event’s navigation bar and start creating—no need to hire an external badge designer.

You’ll be able to choose your preferred check-in option (QR code or search), appearance, layout, background, and more.

To learn more about how you can simplify the event check-in process, visit the Webex Events badge printing and check-in page.