Your all-in-one solution for professional event live streaming  

The Webex Events Production Studio is our built-in and fully integrated live streaming studio on the Webex Events platform. 

Pro-quality live streaming and event production simplified 

From pre-recorded content to customizable branding, explore everything that Webex Events Production Studio has to offer. 

Impress your audience with TV-quality live streaming 

Take your events to the next level with dynamic layouts and production tools that allow for a professional broadcast-style experience. 

Let your brand shine with customizable event branding 

Go beyond basic live streams and create a unique, eye-catching experience with customizable branding, including backgrounds, logos, banners, and more. 

Give your speakers the power to connect with your audience 

Invite up to 13 speakers to join your team and seamlessly integrate them into your live stream. Empower your speakers to customize their presentations with background and banner control and engage with your audience through real-time chat and engagement tools. 

Flexibility event producers love 

Automatically record your live stream, customize your event layout, keep your audience engaged with interactive features like Q&A and polling, and stay informed about your network performance. 

Repurpose event content with video recordings

Record your event sessions and process them in just a few minutes after the session ends. Easily repurpose your live event recordings as part of simulive and on-demand events or download them for post-event editing and marketing.

Seamless integration, superior event production 

Create high-quality events without having to switch between multiple tools or platforms. Focus on delivering an engaging experience for your audience while leveraging the power of Webex Events for seamless event management. 

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Millions of connections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can have 13 people in the studio and on screen at a time. Up to three of these can be producers (or “hosts”) who joined from the Webex Events Platform via the ‘Launch Studio’ button. This total isn’t affected when someone shares their screen, even though the screen share appears as if it were an additional speaker. Anyone with the link can join and no login of any kind is required. If you have more than 13 people joining your stream, you may choose to have a “waiting room” in another meeting tool, or use another streaming tool with the Webex Events RTMP Player.

Keep in mind, you should never share the link that opens when you click Launch Studio. This link is unique to you and expires after 24 hours.

If there are already 13 people in the studio and an 14th person tries to join, any producers in the Studio will get a notification that someone just tried to join and there was no space for them.

The speaker also sees a message notifying them that the Studio is full, and they can click the Retry button to try to join again.

If you want to let a new presenter into the studio, someone else must leave the studio, or you can remove someone. To remove someone, simply click the three dots next to their video preview, and click Remove from Studio.

Follow the process in our article about managing teams to invite the person to the team managing your event in the Webex Events Platform. Once the speaker joins your team, they can edit the Agenda session or Live Stream feature and click the ‘Enter Studio’ button so they can control all the back-end features of the stream.

Caution! Don’t share the URL the browser displays after you click Enter Studio. Multiple users joining the studio with the same URL can cause problems. Anyone who will be controlling backgrounds, banners, chats, etc. should click the Enter Studio button to join as described above.

Yes! You can click Go Live multiple times in a single studio to try it out. If attendees are already using the Event App, make a hidden test stream instead of using an official Agenda session or Live Stream feature.

If you click Go Live and then everyone leaves the studio, the stream will end automatically after 5 minutes. If this happens, you can still click Go Live again.

There’s no limit to how many live streams you can run at once. We recommend using Agenda sessions when multiple streams happen at the same time or if you have a lot of live streams. You should also carefully coordinate speakers, moderators, and captioners.

Yes. Click the Settings (⚙️) icon in the left menu to adjust the ‘Broadcast quality’ to choose between 1080p and 720p. The Studio’s default streaming quality is 1080p. A lower broadcast quality can help ensure a consistent and inclusive experience for speakers and attendees alike across all devices, locations, and connection speeds.

With Webex Events Production Studio, no. With the Webex Events RTMP player, yes!

You can upload MP4, AVI, MPG, MPEG, or MOV files that are 8 GB or less.

Keep in mind, videos MUST be 16:9 ratio and no less than 720p. Processing/upload time will vary depending on internet connection. Uploads can take up to 2x the video duration. For example, a 1 hour video may take up to 2 hours to upload and process.

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