Anastasia and Mirjana with the National Catholic Singles Conference (NCSC) are Webex Events Legends because of their ability to leverage event technology to host a large-scale in person conference for their members. Anastasia and Mirjana continuously listen to NCSC members to understand their needs and use that information to keep members engaged in a year-round, virtual community.  

Meet Anastasia, Mirjana and National Catholic Singles Conference 

The National Catholic Singles Conference was launched in 2005 to bring single Catholics together to learn what real love is, how to have lasting relationships, and how to live fruitfully in the present moment while single. The conference provides time for prayer and fellowship and many social opportunities, along with presentations that provide encouragement and practical takeaways to members. Attendees come from all over the United States, as well as internationally, with attendees recently participating from as far away as Australia, Europe and the Philippines.  

In the spring of 2020, the National Catholic Singles Conference launched virtual discussion groups. Since the launch, they have hosted multiple virtual events and started using the the Webex Events Community solution in August 2021, which has helped them build a robust community of engaged members year-round. As a result, their members feel even more connected and receive more value from the annual conference and each other when they meet in-person.  

The National Catholic Singles Conference was founded by Anastasia in 2005. Today, she serves as the Director of NCSC alongside Mirjana, the Program Director of the GS24 year-round online community. Outside of organizing events, Anastasia also enjoys writing, speaking and discussing meaningful topics with others. With an international background in the theology of marriage and family, she is the author of the study guide for the text of the Theology of the Body entitled The Freedom of the Gift, and a contributing author to Freedom: 12 Lives Transformed by Theology of the Body (Ascension Press, 2009). She delights in being outdoors, traveling and spending time with family. 

Mirjana helps organize monthly virtual socials and volunteer-led regional in-person gatherings for NCSC community members. She enjoys the opportunity of helping others have meaningful interactions both online and in-person through Webex Events, building a community that is organic and sustainable. She is always brainstorming and looking for new ways to engage people and help create fun experiences for the community she serves. In her free time, she enjoys reading, hiking, and checking out local coffee shops and Texas wineries. 

Why Anastasia, Mirjana, and National Catholic Singles Conference are Webex Events Legends 

In a post-COVID-19 era, finding ways to engage with your audience at an event can be challenging, let alone keeping them engaged year-round. Anastasia and Mirjana are Webex Events Legends because they’ve found the secret to running a successful and engaging virtual community: listening to and understanding their members and then implementing member feedback to improve their event programming. This helps them deliver content to their members to keep them active and engaged. Their annual in-person conference is also hosted in their Webex Events Community, which has helped drive new member enrollment post-event.  

Q&A with Anastasia 

What is one tip you would like to share with other Webex Events customers?  

Anastasia: One of the most successful features that we’ve used is an “introduction wall” where people can post and tell others who they are and where they’re from. To start off, I found it helpful to kick-start the posts and welcome people and invite them to introduce themselves, share something fun and post a picture. (And a general tip – there are so many ways the different app features can be used, so be creative!) 

How do you stay up to date on the latest event industry trends?  

Anastasia: I subscribe to various newsletters and sometimes attend webinars and in-person events on the topic. I also connect with others in the industry who can share what they’re observing. 

What recently surprised you as far as events?  

Anastasia: I was surprised that our online attendance at our annual conference was actually down from last year, but also very grateful that our in-person attendance went up! People really want to be with each other in-person and there is really no substitute for that! But there are also those who can’t travel, so being able to hold a successful event with a virtual option is ideal – and the Webex Events app is a great way for those participating virtually to connect with the in-person attendees! 


What is your all-time favorite event that you’ve planned or attended?   

Anastasia: I admit people love the NCSC events and have an awesome time, so it’s always a joy to experience the strong sense of community and to be around such great people! As far as events I haven’t organized – it’s lovely to just participate and enjoy them! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but some of the most memorable range from backpacking trips in the mountains – to concerts – to World Youth Day 2002 in Toronto, where over half a million gathered to be with Pope John Paul II! I’ll never forget that event! 

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