A next level event experience.

Socio provides an event app that surrounds your live events. Create your app in minutes and let your attendees enjoy an unforgettable experience!

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What can Socio do for your events?

Attendee Networking

Allow your attendees to "Shake & Connect" and network more effectively than ever before.



Offer your attendees an interactive guide to help them make the most of your event.



Gamify & visualize your event and offer your attendees a whole new experience.


Sponsor & Exhibitor Appreciation

Grant your sponsors & exhibitors more visibility and meaningful traffic to increase earnings.


Attendee Networking

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Find the right people to network with before and during the event.


Shake your phone to exchange contact information with other attendees in seconds.

Follow Up

Take notes on and star your favorite connections to follow up seamlessly on any platform you like.

Digital Guide

Convenient and simple guide for your attendees



provide attendees with a live schedule of the event at their fingertips


communicate with attendees and keep them up-to-date

Sponsors & Exhibitors

boost sponsor/exhibitor satisfaction by allowing them to be more visible and interactive

Follow Us

take the event experience outside the venue itself and enjoy as your event goes viral!

Attendee List

provide your attendees with an A-Z list of who is at the event and what they do

What's up? feed

get smart suggestions on with whom to connect with once you’re at the event

Engage with SocioLive

Simply project SocioLive to a wall or screen to visualize and gamify your event.


See in real time the amount of networkers, handshakes being made, and the leading industries connections wise for your event.


Increase your engagement by using our attendee drawing feature, which automatically generates each attendee's name and spins them for giveaways and prizes.


Communicate with Announcements

Socio allows event planners to communicate with all of their attendees by sending announcements directly to their phones.


Keep event attendees up to date and in the know of all of the event activity. Schedule announcements to be send ahead of time, or send them on the go.

Drive Traffic

Lead attendees to surveys, websites, future event's RSVP pages, and more by sending them push notifications. Take them to any destination of your choosing while enjoying the fact that Socio increases opening and completion rates.


Analyze performance and ROI

The data surrounding live events is something that has always eluded event planners. Socio has solved this problem. You will have access to all of the data encompassing your event. This data includes who was there, what they do, with whom they connected, which social media accounts were preferred, and much more. And best of all, this data can be easily integrated with any industry standard CRM system. Your systems will always be more up to date and accurate than ever before.