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Socio Video Rooms

With Socio’s Video Rooms, organizers have endless opportunities to engage attendees and provide value to sponsors.

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Level Up Attendee Engagement

Give attendees more ways to network, interact, and learn at your events. Host Clubhouse-like topical discussion rooms, intimate roundtable discussions, sponsor-led small group presentations, or other thematic breakout rooms. If you can dream it, you can host it!

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Connect 1:1 for Deeper Connections

Video rooms naturally lead to new connections and the desire to move from small group discussions to 1-on-1 conversations. Socio’s 1:1 Video Chat allows for direct conversations between sponsors and attendees, more personal networking, and forging connections that last beyond the event.

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Socio is great for interactive and engaging virtual events. The virtual wall, the ability to make networking connections/send messages, plus the event game allowed us to interact and engage with attendees even though our event was virtual. The ability to brand the app by choosing colors, graphics, etc. made it feel like a “virtual venue” that attendees were joining, rather than just a video stream. Event sponsors really appreciated their sponsor profiles where attendees could read about the sponsor, visit their website, and follow up directly with them. The administrator end of the app was super intuitive – setting everything up was very easy. Anytime I had questions Socio’s support team was always able to help me out.

Becky Flynn

Becky Flynn, Education Events Lead @ Arkansas Publishing Group

Give Sponsors More Ways to Increase ROI

Ensure high sponsor ROI from your virtual or hybrid events by providing sponsored video rooms for curated experiences, group demos, Q&A sessions, open “office hours”, or meet-and-greet opportunities.

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Provide a Personalized Attendee Experience

Socio allows you to segment the visibility of Video Rooms based on groups that you define and assign attendees to. Show different Video Rooms to different groups of ticket holders like VIPs, prospects, customers, or digital-only audiences to provide a truly personalized experience across virtual, hybrid, or in-person events.

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More Monetization Opportunities = More Revenue

Combine Video Rooms with Socio Gamification to drive attendees to sponsor “booths” to collect a code or incentivize actions that foster deeper brand engagement. Boost event revenue by packaging Video Rooms into higher-value sponsor tiers. With Socio, your monetization opportunities are as endless as your creativity.

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Socio Professional Services

Let Socio’s Professional Services Team take care of everything – from setting up your live stream to helping you plan and prepare for your events. New to virtual and hybrid events? No worries, we’ll take it from here!

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