Forge deeper connections with your audience 

Enhance the impact of your event by fostering genuine interaction between speakers and attendees. 

Explore the benefits of speaker engagement

Real-time conversations 

Empower your audience to share thoughts, ask questions, and engage with one another. 

Fuel participation with Q&A and polls  

Foster meaningful dialogue by enabling viewers to ask questions to speakers. 

Real-Time Screensharing 

Enhance visual communication by enabling instant sharing of documents and presentations. 

How it works

Engage with your audience in real time by displaying viewer chats, Q&A questions, and polls in your live stream. Not only is this an exciting way to connect with your audience and highlight their participation, it’s also a great way to encourage people to chat and ask more questions. Bonus – Webex Events Production Studio also lets you “star” chats and questions, which keeps them in a separate list and helps you show them in your stream at the perfect times.  

Connect with even more people by adding Closed Caption support, including our very own Webex Events Closed Captions & Translations, which is free with a Webex Events Streaming credit!  

Star chat and Q&A questions to keep them in a separate list so you can easily find and use them later during the stream.  

Boost engagement between your speakers and attendees with Chat, Q&A, and Polling, built directly into the production studio.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Simply click the Audience tab, then the Q&A tab or the Polling. Click an item to show it in the live stream. 

People in the Studio can’t interact with stream chat unless they’re viewing the stream as an attendee in the Event App. 

You can only remove chat messages from a live stream by blocking the user who posted the message. We only recommend this under severe circumstances because it completely removes the attendee from your Event App or Community. 

You can show a presentation by opening it on your computer and sharing your screen. We recommend opening the presentation in the Chrome browser using Google Slides. Share only the presentation tab and check the Share tab audio box before you click ‘Share’ if your presentation includes audio. 

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