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Increase Sponsor & Exhibitor ROI

Grant your sponsors in-app visibility with banner ads, splash screens, profiles, and push notifications.

Sponsor & Exhibitor Profiles

Grant your sponsors and exhibitors profiles with all of the key information they want to showcase readily available for your attendees. Link these profiles directly to sessions, customizable icons, and even the interactive map.

These profiles can be as in depth as you would like them to be. Link out to your partners’ websites, display their contact information, and attach documents to be showcased right in their profiles.  

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In-App Visibility

Whether your partners are on banner ads, within icons, or on landing pages, attendees will be one click away from more information on them, maximizing partners’ return on investment.

Sponsored Push Notifications

Pre-schedule Push Notifications to go out at designated times, or send them on the go, all on the behalf of your partners. Use these notifications to drive traffic and increase your partners’ ROI.

These Push Notifications can be used to drive traffic directly to your partners’ website, special deals they are offering, or just be used as a tool to increase their awareness. Whether they are on behalf of your event, or your partners, feel free to send out as many notifications as you would like before, during, or event after your event.

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Our sponsors really liked the promotional element of adding attachments to their marketing materials. Integrated survey and push notifications were great features as well.

Samuel Medina, Operations Manager @ Houston BCH

Next-Generation Lead Retrieval

Be your sponsors’ and exhibitors’ hero. Give them Lead Retrieval, the most seamless way to capture and qualify leads, export to their CRM, and smash ROI.

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Sponsor & Exhibitor Interactive Maps

Link your Sponsor & Exhibitor Profiles to exactly where they will be on the interactive map. Your attendees will have the opportunity to go to the map directly, choose who they would like to visit, and see exactly how to get there.

Alternatively, they can also go directly to their profiles, click on their booth number or location, and it will show them exactly where they need to go. No longer will attendees be lost in an event, not knowing which exhibitors to visit, or confused on how to get there. 

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Live Display: Showcase Your Sponsors

More visibility means more ROI. Surface your sponsors in more places around the venue using Live Display. Drive visits to exhibitor and sponsors. Want to monetize that visibility? You can do that.

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Sponsor & Exhibitor ROI Metrics

All of the data surrounding the event is yours. Share or sell these metrics with your sponsors / exhibitors as you see fit. Furthermore, exhibitors who attend your event will be able to create their own customized profiles and connect with other attendees while they are there, maximizing their LeadGen opportunities. Exhibitors will even be able to pull detailed reports of who they connected with.

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Other Features


Increase your attendees’ involvement with your event. Make them feel like a part of the action with Live Polling, Q&A, Surveys and more!

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Full Customization

It is your event, so you can make it look and feel exactly how you would like.

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