A Modern Approach to Attendee Networking

With the most advanced networking features in the industry, your attendees will love how easy you made it for them to connect with one another.

Attendee Profiles

You can upload attendee profiles, and also have them create and edit their own. These profiles can be personalized and tailored towards each individual attendee. They can act as each attendees' own "Digital Business Card".

Furthermore, these profiles can include any Name, Title, and Bio that you would like. Attendees can also showcase any type of contact information or Social Media accounts that they want.  

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attendee profiles

Filterable Attendees List

Allow your attendees to see everyone who is in attendance. They will be able to search through this list, and find the people they would like to connect with.

You can even filter your list of attendees so that they can see who is there under designated categories that you created. Attendees will be able to filter the attendees list to discover who is there under those tags you created. They can also search through the list by name, job title, or where they are from. 

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filterable attendees list

Smart Connection Recommendations

Use A.I. to give your attendees smart recommendations on who they may want to connect with. Instead of worrying about which people you should connect with, the app does that for you.

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smart connection recommendations

Business Cards Shake & Connect

shake and connect

Give your attendees a next-level networking experience. They will be able to shake their phones, discover who is around them, and simply exchange profiles with a click of a button. It's as easy as a handshake.

Direct & Group Attendee Messaging

Your attendees will be able to chat directly through the app with the connections that they have made. They can chat 1 on 1, or create groups to streamline communication. Within the chat, they will be able to exchange photos / videos, share their location, or even schedule meetings with one another.

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attendee messaging

Attendee Meeting Scheduling

Give your attendees the opportunity to book meetings with one another before, during, and even after the event. Once the meeting gets accepted, it even gets thrown on the attendees' personal calendar for them.

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attendee meeting scheduling

Gamify Networking with SocioLive

Simply project SocioLive to a wall or screen to visualize and gamify your event. See in real time the amount of networkers, connections being made, and a leaderboard of the most active people.

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gamify networking

Other Features

Digital Guide

A one-stop shop to help your attendees make the most out of your event. Navigating through your event has never been easier for your attendees.

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Increase your attendees' involvement with your event. Make them feel like a part of the action with Live Polling, Q&A, Surveys and more!

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Let's take your event to the next level!

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