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Pre-record speaker and sponsor videos and play them during live streams or as on-demand content.

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About Vidcast:

Vidcast is a video messaging tool that makes it easy to record, edit, and share short videos. Event organizers can use Vidcast to gather pre-recorded content from speakers and sponsors to use in their events or communities. 

How Vidcast integrates with Webex Events:

  • Create a free Vidcast account at 
  • Record your video (speakers and sponsors can record their own videos) 
  • Click “Share Video” >> Make sure the view setting is “Public” >> Click “Embed” >> Select “Responsive Sizes” >> Click “Copy embed link” 
  • Paste the link in Webex Events. Vidcast embeds can be added to a live stream feature, agenda session, sponsor profile, speaker profile, or custom list feature. 

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Webex Events + Vidcast Integration

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