Gamify your Event to Boost Engagement and Excitement

Implement a gamification aspect to your event, and watch as your attendees light up.

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event app gamification

Take the pain out of networking and make it fun again for your attendees. Create a convenient way for them to connect with each other. Allow them to see who is looking to network around them, and make it easy for the connection to be made.

SocioLive: Gamify the Networking Experience

Simply project SocioLive to a wall or screen to visualize and gamify your event. See in real time the amount of networkers, connections being made, and a leaderboard of the most active people.

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Leaderboard: Reward Engaged Attendees

Reward the attendees who are making the most connections at your event. Showcase them on SocioLive and see as people compete to try and connect with more and more people at your event.

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event app leaderboard

Attendee Drawing: New Era of Giveaways

Want to see grown men and women turn back into kids? Increase your engagement by using our attendee drawing feature, which automatically generates each attendee's name and spins them live for giveaways and prizes.

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Other Features

Full Customization

It is your event, so you can make it look and feel exactly how you would like.

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