Gamify Your Event to Boost Engagement & Excitement

Bring gamification to your event, and watch as your attendees light up.

Build Anticipation & Drive Participation

Events are at their best when they do two things: bring people together, and inspire them to take action. Games help you do both.

Start by rewarding attendees for what they already do, such as checking in. Then funnel that excitement toward challenges that drive sponsor engagement, survey participation, session attendance, and other ROI-positive behaviors, such as:

  • Booth visits to obtain secret codes. 
  • Scavenger hunts to find hidden items.
  • Social challenges to drive connections.

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Leaderboard: Reward Engaged Attendees

Ignite friendly competition by celebrating your most influential attendees. Leaderboards showcase individual accomplishments, such as who’s made the most connections, and overall score.

The more attendees compete, the more they engage with your sponsors and exhibitors, not to mention your brand. 

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Our game was a huge success. We had 270+ downloads and 120 played the game. I asked people questions about the keynote speakers. I had people go to Facebook or Instagram and live stream the event. We really saw an uptick on social media and our website. It kept attendees engaged the entire time.

Rob Deery, SGE, Director-at-Large @ VPPPA Region III

Live Display: Visualize the Game Experience

Take gamification to another level by pairing your event app with Live Display. Use it to put your branded content on every screen around the venue.

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Attendee Drawings: A New Era of Giveaways

Want to see grown men and women turn back into kids? Increase your engagement by using our attendee drawing feature. It automatically generates and spins attendees’ names so the crowd sees the prizewinner in real time.

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Business Cards Shake & Connect

Take the pain out of networking and make it fun again for your attendees. Create a convenient way for them to connect with each other. Allow them to see who is looking to network around them, and make it easy for the connection to be made.

Other Features

Full Customization

It is your event, so you can make it look and feel exactly how you would like.

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