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Full Customization

It’s your event, so your app should reflect exactly what you want to showcase. You shouldn’t have to force your content to “fit” into a confusing template.

Your App = Your Brand + Your Content

Your brand is important, so deliver your brand experience by updating the colors, splash pages, and icons to represent  your organization. At the same time, incorporate the content you want to display, in the format you want to showcase it.

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Drag-and-Drop Builder

Add as many icons to the app as you’d like from the 86,000+ available, place them in any order you desire, and title them however you see fit. If you don’t like any of our icons, you can even upload your own. Simply drag and drop until it looks the way you want it to.

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Customizable Layouts

Whether you want to have a clean, minimalist layout to maximize the space for your features, or a layout to rotate and showcase banners that drive traffic to your sponsors, promotions or any other content, you have full control.

Seamless Content Entry

No matter how complicated your event is, putting your content in your app is a breeze. Simply upload your content in bulk using Excel templates, or enter information manually with our easy-to-use interface.

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The customer service is A+, and very timely. The layout of the app is easy to use and I have the power to adjust everything on the landing page, that other app companies don’t allow you to! I also love how user-friendly it is for the coordinator on the back end – I’ve dealt with other apps that make you email them to upload the information and it is not done in a timely matter. I have the power to upload/export/adjust in real time.

Jill Magenta, Meeting Coordinator @ ICPHSO

Customize for Your Brand

With numerous places for increased brand recognition, you can upload the images you want displayed to further your organization’s awareness. Whether it is the overall app icon, splash screens, or background images, you are in the driver seat.

Preview Live on Your Phone While Building

You will have the ability to preview the app on your phone as you are uploading your information. Your app will reflect the content you put into the Builder immediately. Get things to layout exactly how you want them to before launching the event to all of your attendees.

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Publish to All Platforms

Your app will be available across all devices. Attendees will be able to download on Android, iOS, or check out the web version. That way, even if they have a Blackberry, Laptop, Windows phone, etc. they won’t miss out!

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The Socio platform is easy to set up, very intuitive, and has limitless capabilities. We selected Socio as they were the only platform that had a solution to fulfill the creative process we had thought up. In the end, I’m glad we found them because they opened us up to more options than we had ever had before with other platforms.

Nicole Paul, Brand Operations Executive @ The DiJulius Group

Update & Manage Your Content Anywhere

Not only have we taken the pain out of building your event app, but we have also taken the stress out of making live changes during your event. Update and manage your app directly from your laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

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Enterprise-Level Collaboration

You will be able to create teams so that you do not have to edit the app by yourself. Give access to multiple team members to add their updates. You can even give different levels of permissions to certain admins.

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Socio Professional Services

Let Socio’s Professional Services Team take care of everything – from setting up your live stream to helping you plan and prepare for your events. New to virtual and hybrid events? No worries, we’ll take it from here!

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Other Features

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Grant your sponsors in-app visibility with banner ads, splash screens, profiles, and push notifications.

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Implement a gamification aspect to your event, and watch as your attendees light up.

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