Full Customization

It is your event, so your app should reflect exactly what you want to showcase. You should not have to force your content to "fit" into a confusing template.

Your App = Your Brand + Your Content

Your brand is important. With that in mind, update the colors, splash pages, and icons to coincide with your organization, while at the same time, incorporate the content you'd like to display, in the format you want it showcased.

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Screen Screen Screen branded event app builder

Drag & Drop Builder

Add as many icons to the app as you would like, place them in any order you would like, and title them however you see fit. Simply drag and drop things until it looks the way you want it too.

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customizable event app builder

Seamless Content Entry

No matter how complicated your event is, putting your content in your app is a breeze. Simply upload your content in bulk using Excel templates, or enter information manually with our easy-to-use interface.

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event app file importer

Customize for Your Brand

With numerous places for increased brand recognition, you can upload the images you want displayed to further your organization's awareness. Whether it is the overall app icon, splash screens, or background images, you are in the driver seat.

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customizable event app

Preview Live on Your Phone While Building

You will have the ability to preview the app on your phone as you are uploading your information. Your app will reflect the content you put into the Builder immediately. Get things to layout exactly how you want them to before launching the event to all of your attendees.

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event app preview

Publish to All Platforms

Your app will be available across all devices. Attendees will be able to download on Android, iOS, or check out the web version. That way, even if they have a Blackberry, Laptop, Windows phone, etc. they won't miss out!

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event app for iOS android web

Update & Manage Your Content Anywhere

event app mobile admin

Not only have we taken the pain out of building your event app, but we have also taken the stress out of making live changes during your event. Update and manage your app directly from your laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Enterprise Level Collaboration

You will be able to create teams so that you do not have to edit the app by yourself. Give access to multiple team members to add their updates. You can even give different levels of permissions to certain admins.

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enterprise event app

World-class Support

Get support anytime, anywhere. Whether it is a phone call, live chat, or email, feel free to get a hold of us in an outlet that is most convenient for you. We are always more than happy to answer any questions that you may have, or assist in any way.

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Other Features

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Grant your sponsors in-app visibility with banner ads, splash screens, profiles, and push notifications.

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Implement a gamification aspect to your event, and watch as your attendees light up.

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Let's take your event to the next level!

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