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Promote inclusivity with an accessible event platform.

Socio equips you with the features needed to ensure that your event is inclusive and accessible to all.

Accessible events for everyone.

Empower attendees to choose the right accessibility requirements for them.

Closed captions

Enable closed captions, so everyone can follow along during your event. If multiple languages have been configured for your event, captions can also be hidden and translated.

Live translations

Leverage the skills of professional translators who watch and listen to the stream while simultaneously interpreting the speech.

Visual adjustments 

Make the visual experience as inclusive as possible with content adjustments such as content scaling, readable font size, and a text magnifier. Enable color adjustments and orientation adjustments as needed.

socio accessibility

Set profiles based on needs

Enable a seizure-safe profile, vision impaired profile, cognitive disability profile, ADHD friendly profile, keyboard navigation, and a screen-reader for blind users.

What’s included in the Socio Event Platform?

See the full spectrum of features Socio offers right out of the box.

Audience Engagement

Native tools that make your event interactive.

Event Branding & Customization

Build the event you envision, in your look and feel.

Live Streaming & Video

Professional-grade live streaming, video, and graphics.

Attendee Networking

Give your attendees the tools they need to connect on their terms.

Sponsorship Tools

Monetize your event by maximizing sponsor ROI.

Video Breakout Rooms

Engage attendees and provide more value to sponsors.

Event Agenda & Digital Guide

Centralize your event schedule and content in one location.

Event Gamification

Incentivize event engagement with friendly competition.


Ensure your event is inclusive and accessible to all.

Event Data & Analytics

Get the insights you need from your event data.

Take your events to the next level

The future of events is here. Discover why event organizers trust Socio to power virtual, in-person, and hybrid event success.