As event organizers plan their next event season, returning to, or re-imagining the in-person event format is a hot topic. Should I host an in-person event? Are attendees ready and what are their expectations?  How can I take advantage of the great engagement of in-person events but get the same metrics as for my virtual events? Should I go hybrid? How do I manage the risks involved? 

Watch the recording of the event from August 24th as we discuss the advantages of creating a hybrid events program that captures the best of virtual and in-person events.  We’re showcasing successful in-person and hybrid events from Webex Events customers, such as the National Speakers Association, American Med Spa Association, and Host Users Group, who recently hosted successful, innovative events enhanced by virtual experiences pre and post- event. Plus, event experts Meeting Tomorrow and ProPlanIt will share about new trends in in-person and hybrid events. With 45 min of presentations and 15 min of Q&A, here’s what we covered:

  • What has changed for in-person events and what you need to be aware of as you plan for your next event
  • What the future of events looks like, including the latest event trends and how to manage risk
  • How event hosts are using best practices from their virtual events to build successful in-person events
  • New ways to use event apps & features to boost engagement, including polls, games, and pre/post-event activities