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Boost Attendee Engagement & Involvement

Make attendees feel like part of the action with Live Polling, Q&A, Surveys, and more.

Private Social Network

Give your attendees a social feed that will act as your event’s own personal Social Media. They will be able to post pictures, comments, and like discussion threads within the wall.

While you will have total control over this feature, this Social Network makes it great for you to build a community surrounding your event, and allows your attendees to post about the good times they are having. 

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Amplify Attendee Engagement

Take event engagement to another level by pairing your event app with Live Display. Use it to put your branded content on every screen around the venue.

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Q&A: Crowdsource the Best Questions From Your Audience

Collect and showcase, in real time, questions from your audience. Allow them to engage and be a part of the discussion. You can even project their questions to a live screen.

  • Up-vote: Let your participants decide which questions they want to hear answers to the most by simply up-voting them.
  • Anonymous Questions: Increase the quantity and quality of questions by allowing attendees to ask anonymously.
  • Organizer Moderation: Turn on moderation and easily filter any questions before they go live. Have full control over what questions are asked.

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Display the Top Questions to Your Audience

Whether you want to showcase every question asked, or just the top ones, you are in full control! Allow your attendees to vote on which question they want to hear answered to optimize the presenters time.

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Live Polling: Engage Your Audience With Live Polls

Collect real-time insights about your audience. Ask your participants their opinion and let them vote instantly from any device.

  • Choose the poll type that most suits your needs.
  • Create a new poll in a few seconds.
  • Collect the results live in real time.

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Live Polling: Share the Results Live With Your Audience

Just like with the Q&A feature, you can project the results to polls live on screen. Create some excitement and enjoy your attendees’ reactions to the live results you are able to display.

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Gamify Your Event & Reward Engaged Attendees

Events are at their best when they do things: bring people together, and inspire them to take action. Games help you do both.

Start by rewarding attendees for what they already do, such as checking in. Then funnel that excitement toward challenges that drive sponsor engagement, session attendance, and other ROI-positive behaviors

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If you have an event and you want to increase attendee engagement and event experience, don’t look anywhere else. Go with Socio.

Mariali Paz De Leon, Director of Design & Events @ Workmatters

Send Push Notifications & Drive Engagement

Use Push Notifications to keep your attendees up to date, alert them of any exciting activity within the event, and drive traffic to wherever you would like to take them.

You can also send out Push Notifications to encourage your attendees to participate in Live Polling, Q&A sessions, and Surveys to see a big uptick in your completion rates.

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Surveys: Engage Your Audience With Live Surveys

Collect real-time insights about your audience anytime, anywhere. Ask your participants for their opinion and let them give you feedback instantly from any device.

  • Use our Surveys feature, or link to any survey platform that you would like (SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, TypeForm, Qualtrics, etc).
  • Link your surveys directly to sessions and speaker profiles, or send them to your attendees with a push notification announcement.
  • Collect the results and use them to analyze your event.

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Other Features


With the most advanced networking features in the industry, your attendees will love how easy you made it for them to connect with one another.

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Sponsors & Exhibitors

Grant your sponsors in-app visibility with banner ads, splash screens, profiles, and push notifications.

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