Trish of CoreNet Global’s Australian Chapter is a Webex Events Legend because of her dedication to creating year-round event programming that offers Australian members the opportunity to engage with educational content, network with fellow real estate professionals, and share insights and research from their own professional experiences. Trish works hard to host engaging virtual and in-person events that bring together CoreNet Global members from around the world.

Meet Trish and CoreNet Global’s Australia Chapter

CoreNet Global is a non-profit association on a mission to advance the practice of corporate real estate through professional development opportunities, publications, research, conferences, designations, and networking in 45 local chapters and networking groups globally.

Trish facilitates learning and networking opportunities for Corporate Real Estate executives in Australia. She has been involved with the CoreNet Global Australia Chapter for over 12 years. 

On average, Trish works behind the scenes on 40-50 events per year across Australia. These events are attended by anywhere from 12 to 300 people. The Australian Chapter’s events are a mix of in-person and virtual, including forums, networking, boardroom lunches, an annual conference, and annual government symposium.

Outside of work, Trish is a wife of one and mum of two, sports photographer, cake designer and M&M lover.

Why Trish and CoreNet Global’s Australia Chapter are Webex Events Legends

Trish and CoreNet Global Australia work tirelessly to launch engaging events that allow members to attend virtually or in-person. In this new era of events, Trish and CoreNet Global are highlighting how important it is to drive continuous engagement through year-round even programming.

By providing members with a variety of ways to network, share learnings, and access educational resources, Trish and CoreNet Global are showing fellow event professionals how to execute a well-rounded events program that delivers high value content and experiences.

Q&A with Trish

What is one tip you would like to share with other Webex Events customers? 

Rely on the expertise of the Webex Events team. The Support team is always so helpful, and if you have a Customer Success Manager (CSM), they can help you tailor the platform to your exact event needs.

How do you stay up to date on the latest event industry trends? 

Word of mouth. The corporate real estate industry has multiple events each year – I love to catch up with our members at our events and hear about the topics they enjoyed, as well as all the experiences they enjoyed. This helps me to work with our executive team to shape our events schedule to make sure we’re delivering value for our members.

What recently surprised you as far as events? 

How much people want to come together and reconnect after the pandemic. But having said that, there’s still a huge demand for virtual events, and I see a mix of formats being part of our plans for the future.

What is your all-time favorite event you’ve ever planned or went to?  

Does a six-week around the world holiday count? My favourite event to plan is always the annual conference. It’s a challenge but on the day it’s totally worth it!

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