Olivia of 1331 Events is a Webex Events Legend because of her creative use of event technology to improve communication and internal processes, drive attendee engagement, and create personalized and memorable experiences.    

Meet Olivia and 1331 Events  

1331 Events is an award-winning full service B2B events agency designed to help its clients focus on what they do best by creating spectacular events and managing all the important details that go into them. They help take the stress of event planning away from busy marketing managers and give them peace of mind knowing that their conference or incentive is in safe hands. At their core, they believe good events send a powerful message, should tell the right story, bring the right people together, and elevate the image and brand of a business.   

At the helm of 1331 Events is Olivia, alongside co-founder, Director and sister Amy . Amy and Olivia founded 1331 Events in February of 2018. Olivia has 20 years of experience in event management and has been employed across a mix of B2B marketing and events roles since leaving university. Years of planning corporate events has allowed her to build an impressive resume, executing events of all types including conferences, seminars, incentive programs, team building days, corporate hospitality, and client entertainment for clients such as Experian and Sky. Olivia has experience managing events not only in the United Kingdom but throughout all of Europe, with attendance ranging from six to 1,200 people.   

When she isn’t managing events, Olivia is at home in London organizing a 10- and 7-year-old, which is much harder work, but no less rewarding!  

Why Olivia and 1331 Events is a Webex Events Legend:  

Olivia’s small but mighty team of three at 1331 Events pulls off exciting and unique conferences and incentive events for their clients. We admire their modern approach to planning and executing in-person events, particularly their use of event technology to streamline processes and be more efficient. They use the Webex Events Mobile Event App and different features in the app to communicate with event attendees prior to and during their events to ensure a seamless experience for their attendees. We love how they use the in-app game feature to collect attendee information and feedback prior to an event. Attendees love the experience too! Their most recent event resulted in 197 game participants, 1,123 challenges completed, and a total of 27,690 points awarded. Don’t just take our word for it, the amazing team at 1331 Events also won the coveted Conference & Incentive Travel (C&IT) 2022 Team-Building Event of the Year Award for an incentive event they ran in September 2021 in Ibiza!   

Q&A with Olivia 

What is one tip you would like to share with other Webex Events customers?  

Olivia: Event attendees LOVE an event app! All event info in the palm of their hands, no need to print off pages of detail in advance, and every little nugget of info easily accessible in seconds. We have only had positive feedback so far.  

How do you stay up to date on the latest event industry trends?  

Olivia: Following news online from reputable industry publications and suppliers, being part of event groups on LinkedIn, learning from others in the industry through blogs, webinars and networking events, and (being very much a face-to-face events agency) site visits to as many new or improved venues or locations in (and out of) town as possible!  

What recently surprised you as far as events?  

Olivia: The industry is ever-moving and ever-changing so little surprises me these days! Less of a surprise and more of a delight is to see the sheer number of organisations and people who are keen to get back out into the world and meet up away from a screen following the Covid pandemic. Never underestimate the impact of face-to-face meetings!  

What is your all-time favorite event you’ve ever planned or went to?   

Olivia: That’s a tough one, too many to list. We’ve just come back from an incentive trip we ran around the Monaco GP, which was fairly amazing. Who doesn’t love an exclusive chateau, a private yacht, fast cars and helicopter transfers?! I do also always appreciate the events we run in beautiful, established venues such as the Natural History Museum or the Louvre. Add some amazing lighting, flowers and entertainment alongside extremely high quality catering, and the atmosphere at the venue and photos afterwards are just incredible.  

Want to learn more about 1331 Events and Olivia? Connect with them on social media:  

Instagram: @1331events  
LinkedIn: 1331 Events / Olivia Labrey