Whether it be an in-person, hybrid, or virtual event, maintaining an accurate budget sheet is essential to event success. That’s why we’ve put together our own free event budget template—a tool we hope will kick-start your event planning process and simplify your budget sheet.

With this free event budget template you can:

  • Use the income tracker to keep track of event income and its source, such as registration, exhibitor, and sponsor income. 
  • Use the budget template to plan out every detail of your event budget, then track how much it costs. 
  • Quickly determine if you’re over or under budget with our remaining budget feature. Simply input your total budget in the designated cell, and as you input line items and their cost, the spreadsheet will add up your costs and subtract them from your total budget. 
  • Easily see projected vs. actual cost and use that information to plan ahead for your next event.
  • Keep track of invoices and their statuses to ensure you make payments on time