Discover how ITGL, an award-winning digital consultancy and Cisco Gold Partner, has leveraged the Webex Suite to drive collaboration and engagement. As a trusted Cisco partner, ITGL has a deep understanding of the Webex Collaboration Suite and utilizes it internally to streamline communication and collaboration. With solutions for meetings, calling, messaging, webinars, events, video messaging, polling, and whiteboarding, ITGL has embraced the Suite as the ultimate solution for enhancing collaboration practices.

In this case study, you’ll learn:

  • The strategic advantage of leveraging the Webex Suite: By exclusively partnering with Cisco for over a decade, ITGL has solidified its expertise in the Suite, enabling the organization to enhance its customers’ collaboration practices and deliver seamless communication solutions.
  • How to unleash the potential of hybrid events: By hosting events on the Webex Events platform, ITGL has enabled attendees to choose between attending in-person or virtually, ensuring a wider reach and accommodating individuals with travel or health concerns. The case study highlights the ease of event setup, personalized content delivery, and elevated virtual production to create a seamless hybrid event experience.
  • How to build a year-round resource with Webex Events Communities: By consolidating information and leveraging the platform’s features like content upload and external linking, ITGL has created a single source of truth for maximizing the potential of the Webex Collaboration Suite and delivering competitive solutions to its customers.