Seamless event check-in and badge printing experiences

Welcoming attendees back to in-person or hybrid events? Simplify on-site event management with on-demand event check-in, streamlined badge printing, and more!

Eliminate on-site event headaches

Webex Events, formerly Socio, simplifies your check-in and badge printing process by providing a single packaged solution for your software, hardware, and on-site support needs.

Intuitive event check-in and badge printing

Choose between an on-demand or distributed check-in experience. Let attendees check and verify their badge details or speed things up with Fast Track Check-in.

Custom branding and advanced customization

Webex Events Onsite is easy to configure and simple to use, yet highly flexible. Craft the branding and privacy experience you want with custom fields and badge rules in the advanced badge designer.

CLEAR Health Pass partnership

Ensure the safety of everyone at your next in-person event. Webex Events and CLEAR’s Health Pass provide event organizers with simple, effective ways to manage health protocols and comply with vaccine regulations.

Learn more about our CLEAR partnership here

Rent on site event hardware without the hassle

Stop managing multiple vendors for software and hardware. We’ll work with you to determine your badging and equipment needs, then ship all the required equipment to your event venue.

Seamless session check-ins

Check-In offers the versatility to manage access, monitor attendance data, and oversee session entry for specific groups during in-person events. It enables real-time capacity updates, issuance of education credits, and effective control over session participation.

Onsite check-in and badge printing metrics

Gain insights on the attendee check-in and badge printing experience. Learn where and when your attendees are checking in, which attendees still need to check in, and more.

You’re always in control, but we’ve got your back

Webex Events gives you options to manage the entire check-in process on your own. But if you need an extra hand, our professional services team is here for you at every stage of the journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you use Webex Events Onsite, you have the option to rent all the equipment you need from us! We ship your rental kit to the venue 1-3 days before your event so you have plenty of time to set up and test before the big day.

Learn more about what to expect when you rent Onsite equipment from Webex Events. Read about rentals here. 

Onsite’s dynamic in-person badge printing and check-in solution gives you a level of customization and personalization found nowhere else in the industry. Advance preparation is key to making sure your team is ready to print that first badge when the time comes.

We recommend 12 weeks lead time before your event to work through the details of your event and counsel you on your custom badge or equipment needs.

Learn more about the overview and timeline when utilizing Onsite badge printing from Webex Events. Read about badge printing here.

Webex Events Onsite lets you design and print completely custom badges that are unique to your event. You have several options when deciding which badge type and size to use, and we’re here to help you sort through them.

By default, badges are printed in black and white, but badges with pre-printed color designs can be ordered for an additional cost.

Learn more about what types of badges Webex Events offers with onsite printing. Read about badge types here.

If you thought the Onsite App was super customizable, then the badge design process is sure to impress. Whether you want a simple, one-size-fits-all badge, or a series of customized badges unique to various attendee types, we have you covered. The best part? With Webex Events Onsite’s badge rules, the check-in experience is the same for everyone, no matter how their badge is customized.

Learn more about custom badges from Webex Events. Read about custom badges here.

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