Make your events timeless with Video on Demand 

Give attendees the flexibility to watch event content at their convenience.

Explore the benefits of Video on Demand

Flexibility and convenience 

Freedom to watch, anytime, anywhere. VoD lets you enjoy event content without limitations. Embrace flexibility and engage with your favorite events on your own schedule. 

Expand your event’s reach worldwide

Reach audiences worldwide, regardless of their location. Your event content knows no boundaries. 

Extend the lifespan of your events 

Create an archive of past events that can be revisited and cherished, ensuring their impact lasts long after they end. 

How it works

To add a recording to a session or Live Stream feature, select ‘Webex Events Video on Demand’ as the recording provider, then select a video from the Video File drop-down. Video files are sorted into ‘Uploads’ and ‘Recordings’ sections in the drop-down. All videos uploaded to Video Center with closed captions turned on display a CC icon. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Video on Demand is pre-recorded video that always starts at the beginning, and viewers can access it at their leisure. 

Video on Demand allows attendees to access pre-recorded videos at their convenience. They can start the video from the beginning and watch it at their preferred time.

Video on Demand content can be used in live streams as pre-recorded videos. However, it’s important to note that if Video on Demand is used for session recordings, attendees will still have to wait until the session end time to access the video. So, there may be a delay in accessing the recorded session.

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