Simplify collaborator and admin access with user types

Create and manage teams, invite members, and assign roles such as editor or administrator with access to every product associated with your team.

Explore the benefits of user types

Unlimited admins & team members  

Easily add or edit user permissions directly from the team settings. Plus, enjoy the freedom of having as many administrators as you need.

Add or remove team credits 

Easily distribute credits to teams according to their specific needs.

Assign access & credits to every Webex Events product in one location  

Select a team when creating an Event or Community, and the corresponding credit is deducted. Members of that team gain immediate access to manage the activated product or feature.

How it works

User types simplify collaboration and access management for organizing events. With this feature, users can create teams and invite members to work together. When a user purchases a Webex Events product, a team is automatically created, and credits associated with the product are assigned to the team. By selecting a team, users can activate different features, and the corresponding credits are deducted from the team.

Team members are assigned user roles: Editors can access and edit products, while Administrators have additional privileges to manage teams, purchase credits, and invite new members. Team settings, including credits and members, can be easily managed through the Team Settings option. Administrators have more control over team settings. They can add or remove team members, adjust credits, and perform other administrative tasks. Overall, this feature streamlines event organization and enables effective collaboration among team members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Editors: can access, edit, and activate every product associated with your team. Editors CAN’T purchase or reassign team credits.  

Administrators: have the same access as editors, and they can also manage teams. This includes purchasing and using credits and inviting new team members. 

As a Webex Suite EA customer, you can create and manage two types of teams in Webex Events: Organization teams and Independent teams. The following table shows how each type of credit works for each team type. Note: Until a Control Hub user with Organization administrator or Webex Events administrator permission logs in to the Webex Events platform and creates a team, non-Control Hub users can’t join the team and manage Webex Events products 

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