Generate unique ticket types

Offer your attendees tickets with unique pricing, ticket quantity limits, sales start & end dates, and tax rates. 

Explore the benefits of ticket types

Create multiple pricing tiers 

Offer attendees the flexibility they need by implementing pricing levels for your event. 

Cap your ticket quantity 

Set a limit on the number of tickets that can be purchased for a specific tier or level. 

Assign ticket types to attendee groups 

Send tailored content and announcements to specific attendee groups based on your unique ticket types. 

How it works

With Webex Events, creating multiple ticket types for your event is a straightforward process. By accessing the Tickets section under Registration, you can choose between free ticket or paid ticket options, ensuring your event is properly marked as paid if necessary. Fill in the ticket details such as Ticket Name, Quantity, Price, and Ticket Description to provide clear information to registrants. You can also customize advanced settings, including sales start and end, purchase limits, and ticket availability, and decide whether to absorb or pass on service fees. Furthermore, the “Assign to Groups” feature allows you to link tickets to specific user groups within the Event App, enabling targeted content delivery tailored to different attendee segments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! In your Event or Community navigation bar under ‘Registration’, click Tickets, click New Ticket, and then select Free Ticket or Paid Ticket. Paid is only an option if you marked your event as a paid event in Registration Basics. 

Ticket types can be assigned to a group to specify which tickets should be associated with a specific group of users inside your Event App. 

The Ticket Name also syncs to Webex Events Onsite to create Attendee Types. 

If you don’t want to limit the number of purchases for a ticket type, leave the quantity field blank. 

Yes! Simply edit or clone an existing ticket by clicking its Settings () icon in the list of existing tickets. Cloning a ticket will copy all of its settings and information. If you haven’t published Registration yet, you can also delete tickets. 

In every confirmation email, there’s up to two buttons related to an attendee’s transaction: a ‘Download Ticket’ button and a ‘Download Receipt’ button. If registration costs money, the email always includes the ‘Download Receipt’ button. If you’re creating a free ticket and your event is virtual, you can turn off the ‘Download Ticket’ button using the ‘Include in confirmation email’ toggle to streamline your confirmation emails and keep them tidy. Learn more about what attendees receive after they register. 

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