Unlock professional live streaming with Webex Events RTMP 

Powering high-quality live streaming experiences.

Explore the benefits of RTMP

Tap into the viewership of streaming platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and more, to ensure wider accessibility of your event content to an expanded audience. 

Amplify engagement with interactive features 

Leverage the power of Webex Events Chat, Q&A, Polling, and Captions solutions alongside the RTMP player, and seamlessly embed various external sites like Slido through a custom tab. 

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Fully brand your own event app and publish to the App Store and Google Play.

How it works

If you want to livestream to your Event App using a streaming platform not officially supported by Webex Events, use multiple different platforms for a single stream, stream from an eCDN, or stream meeting software directly to your Event App, then RTMP is for you!  

How to set it up:

1. Activate RTMP and copy the Stream Key and RTMP URL 

2. Enter the RTMP URL and Stream Key into the broadcast software 

Once the URLs and keys are in place, you’re ready to go! Within a few seconds of your stream starting, it will appear to your attendees inside your Webex Events event.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) is a protocol for streaming content from one platform so it appears in another. All you need is a Stream Key and RTMP URL — no Application Program Interface (API) or integration work required! 

Tons! Online sites like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Live plus local software such as Wirecast, Teradek, and vMix have all worked for our customers. Check the site or software’s documentation to find out if they support RTMP. If they do, we highly recommend that you test to ensure everything works as expected. 👍 

We’ve verified that Webex and Zoom work with Webex Events RTMP, though we strongly encourage you to test any meeting software you use so you know how it will behave and what to expect. 

Customers have reported success with Blackmagic encoders. 

Yes. However, depending on your eCDN provider, it may be better to embed the provider’s player using an i-frame as described in our Vbrick and Webex Events article. For even more information on using an eCDN, read our article about Live Streaming with Bandwidth Constraints. 

Yes. If the broadcast platform you’re using doesn’t support RTMPS, it won’t work with Webex Events. 

Yes! Use RTMP information as many times as you need to for testing or streaming from multiple different sources over the course of your session. 

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