Maximize sponsor exposure with customizable profiles

Create rich sponsor profiles with custom images, embedded videos and PDFs, custom call-to-action buttons, and chat.  

Explore the benefits of sponsor profiles

Drive in-person attendees to digital sponsor booths

Link sponsor profiles to a location on the event map to increase traffic to sponsor and exhibitor booths and drive more leads. 

Create engaging sponsor profiles with customized content

Elevate sponsor profiles with informative and engaging content like videos, PDFs, and links that attendees can access directly from the app. 

Simplify sponsor follow-up and meetings

Allow attendees to request follow-up from sponsors with the click of a button and book meetings through integrations like Calendly, making it easy to connect with sponsors even after the event. 

With internal linking, sponsors can link their profile to other app features like sessions and live streams. Plus, they can share external links like website URLs, phone numbers, and email addresses to make it easy for attendees to connect. 

Personalize the sponsor experience with in-profile chat

Facilitate meaningful connections between sponsors and attendees by providing a chat feature within sponsor profiles.  

Level up sponsor profiles with custom attachments

Enhance your sponsors’ ROI by allowing them to share PDFs, images, flyers, and other marketing materials directly with attendees through their sponsor profile.  

How it works

The Webex Events sponsor profile feature is a powerful tool that allows event planners to give sponsors the spotlight they deserve. With sponsor profiles, you can create digital sponsor booths and maximize sponsor exposure and engagement by allowing sponsors to create profiles that showcase their brand, products, and services. 

Key features of the sponsor profiles include: 

Rich media content: Sponsors can upload videos, images, and PDF files to their profiles, allowing attendees to access more information about their products or services. 

Internal and external links: Sponsors can link their profiles to other features in the event app, such as sessions and live stream features, and can include external links like website URLs, phone numbers, or email addresses. 

Direct engagement: Attendees can engage with sponsors directly through the chat functionality in sponsor profiles. They can also request follow-up from sponsors by clicking a button to book a meeting through a site like Calendly

Link to the map feature: Sponsor profiles help in-person attendees find sponsor booths at the venue. Planners can link a sponsor profile to a location on the event map, allowing attendees to easily find the sponsor booth. 

By using sponsor profiles, event planners can provide a tailored and engaging experience for both sponsors and attendees, ultimately increasing ROI for sponsors and enhancing the overall event experience for attendees. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Supported file formats are PDF, JPEG, PNG, or TIFF files. 

Yes, categories let you classify different types of sponsors. Applying a category to a sponsor adds the name of the category below the sponsor’s name in the list and lets attendees filter them by category. If you’re going to use categories, it‘s best to set them up before adding sponsor profiles. 

Importing items is the quickest way to add a lot of information. Read our article about exporting and importing feature content to learn how importing works. 

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