Showcase your event’s talent lineup and foster connections

Increase session attendance and engagement by leveraging personalized speaker profiles. 

Explore the benefits of speaker profiles 

Allow speakers more opportunities to build connections with attendees

Leverage speaker profiles to foster connections using images, descriptions, location, related content like PDFs and videos, calls to action, links, and even chat. 

Insightful and on-demand metrics for speakers

See how your attendees are engaging with insights into speaker profile clicks, chat, requested follow ups, scheduled meetings, and average rating. 

Embed speaker profiles on promotional websites

Highlight your key speakers on your website by using embeddable content widgets. 

How it works

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary information that your speaker wants to include in their profile, you can get started. 

First, you add the Speakers feature to your Event App. Next, you edit the feature settings like feature name, icon, who the feature is visible to, control if attendees can rate and review speakers, and choose between Grid View or List View. 

From there you add categories if needed and begin adding your Speaker Profiles. Keep in mind, you can also import speaker profiles in bulk. Read our Export and Import Feature Content article to learn how. 

Speaker Profiles can include an icon or image, name (required), subtitle, location, category, description, booth size/booth cover, content providers, attendee calls to action, internal links, external links, attendee engagement (chat), and attachments. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! When attendees add a session, they’ll choose to be notified 15, 30, or 60 minutes before each session begins. 

If you change a session’s time, any attendee who has added that session to their Personal Agenda will receive a push notification about the change. 

Yes! As an admin, you can allow users to add overlapping sessions to their Personal Agenda. When a user tries to add a session to their agenda at a time that’s already booked, they receive an alert. 

There’s an option for admins to show the participants list. This shows attendees a list of everyone who’s added a session to their personal agenda. Unchecking this box hides the list, and attendees won’t know who else added the session. 

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