Pre-recorded video that looks like live streaming  

Explore how Simulive can help you create a more dynamic and engaging experience for your live event and webinar attendees. 

Explore the benefits of simulive

Enhance production value while giving you time to interact with your audience

Simulive enables pre-recording of main content for live events or webinars. This frees up time and reduces stress, allowing you to concentrate on engaging with your audience and answering questions during the live portion.

Reduce production risks and enjoy peace of mind  

Simulive allows you to pre-record content and schedule it to go live, reducing the potential of technical difficulties and ensuring a smooth experience for attendees. 

Drive engagement and enhance your content with Simulive video analytics 

Learn from your audience’s engagement to optimize your content for future events and improve your ROI with video analytics – just like you would with live video.  

Don’t let scheduling conflicts hold you back 

No more scheduling headaches – with Simulive, you can ensure that all your speakers are included in your event, no matter their availability. 

How it works

Simulive is a combination of the words “simulated” and “live”. Simply put, it means pre-recorded video presented at a specific time as if it were live content. Attendees must join the stream at the right time to watch the whole video, and they may not realize the content isn’t live unless you tell them. 🤫

Just like with Webex Events Streaming or the Webex Events Production Studio, the ‘Join Live Stream’ button appears in the Agenda feature 15 minutes before the Streaming Time. For a complete overview of the attendee experience with Session live streaming, refer to our article about The Agenda Feature in Action.

With the Live Stream feature, the Simulive video will simply begin playing at the chosen Streaming Time. For more information about the attendee experience with the Live Stream feature, refer to our Live Stream feature guide.

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