Create effortless connections at in-person events with Shake & Connect

Simply shake or tap your phone to your new connection to directly pull up their profile to add to your connection list.

Explore the benefits of Shake & Connect

Allow attendees to connect with each other quickly and easily

Enable instant connections with a shake or tap to easily connect to others in attendance at your in-person event.

Enhanced networking opportunities for attendees

Attendees now have an additional avenue for networking and meeting new people at the event, encouraging spontaneous interactions and facilitating conversations between individuals who might not have crossed paths otherwise.

Streamline connection management with our event platform

Help attendees efficiently manage existing connections and easily revisit previous connections all through one simplified platform.

How it works

Connect with other attendees within 8 kilometers (about 5 miles) in two shakes of a smartphone. You and your soon-to-be connection simply tap the Shake button, then shake your devices or tap the screen within 5 minutes of one another to connect instantly! Pretty neat, right?

Screenshot of the Shake screen in a Mobile App.

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