Easily gather event session ratings and reviews

Get meaningful feedback for individual sessions, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors to measure success and guide future efforts. 

Explore the benefits of session ratings

Native, in-app reviews

Attendees can easily submit their ratings and reviews in the event app.  

Leverage metrics to improve future events

Collect ratings and reviews from attendees on sessions, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors, and gain valuable feedback to improve future events. Use this feedback to identify specific areas that require adjustments and enhancements, ensuring that your events continue to meet attendee expectations and deliver a better experience.

Foster attendee engagement and participation

Enable attendees to provide ratings and write reviews to foster active engagement and participation. Encourage attendees to share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences, creating a vibrant community around your events.

How it works

Attendee feedback is crucial to helping you improve your events year after year. The Webex Events ratings and reviews feature enables you to gather valuable feedback from attendees to measure the success of your events and guide future efforts. Easily collect feedback on individual sessions, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and more. You have the flexibility to customize the feature by enabling or disabling specific settings such as allowing users to rate items, show average ratings, write reviews, and submit anonymous feedback. Once attendees leave ratings and reviews, you can access the results on the Metrics tab of your Event App. By reviewing the Feature Comparison chart, you can navigate to specific features and view the feedback provided by attendees. This valuable information empowers you to continuously improve your events and make data-driven decisions for event customization.

Refer to our Event App and Community Metrics article for more information about Event App metrics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Agenda, Speakers, Sponsors, Exhibitors, Custom Lists support ratings and reviews. 

Ratings and reviews are activated by default when you add any of the supported features to your event app.  

With ratings and reviews, you can:

  • Choose whether to show attendees the average ratings 
  • Add open text reviews in addition to star ratings 
  • Give attendees the chance to remain anonymous   

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