Unlock powerful insights with event registration metrics

The registration metrics page contains in-depth registrant metrics in a format that’s easy to understand, giving you critical insight into well-timed promos and letting you plan for your event ahead of time. 

Explore the benefits of registration analytics

Get a comprehensive analysis of your earnings

Gain a clear understanding of your exact earnings, with a breakdown that includes detailed information on fees and deductions.

Streamline your data analysis with order and attendee information

Easily download order and attendee reports to view custom field responses and UTM parameters you defined to better understand your ticket sale trends.  

Explore sales numbers by ticket or user for enhanced insights

Effortlessly discern the category, net sales, number of orders, attendees, and check-in counts for each ticket you have generated. Select your preferred view, either chart or percentage breakdown, to analyze the ticket sales.

How it works

The metrics we offer are all post-registration, so if you want insight into registrant behavior during the registration process, read our article about using third-party analytics tools

The Metrics page is the perfect place for a quick, comprehensive snapshot of sales activity both during and after registration. We know metrics can be difficult to interpret, so we’ve made the dashboard simple. 

The top of the Metrics page shows a snapshot of registration activity, including: 

Net Sales – The total amount of all ticket sales minus applicable taxes and fees. 

Orders – The total number of completed registration orders, including canceled and refunded orders. This number doesn’t count attendees manually added to your Event App. 

Attendees – The total number of registered attendees across all completed orders, including attendees that were manually added. This number doesn’t include attendees associated with canceled or refunded orders.

Check-ins – If you’re using the Registration Lite Check-In feature, this shows the number of people checked in.

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