Ensure secure payment processing for registrations

Collect instant payments through Stripe integration or let registrants pay offline with invoice and check options. 

Explore the benefits of payment processing

Receive funds instantly with Stripe

Receive funds in your bank account as tickets are sold — not weeks later or after your event ends. 

Provide offline payment options 

Allow attendees to pay for their registration fee by invoice or check. 

Collect tax on registration orders 

Add your locality’s tax rate and government-issued tax ID to each ticket type. 

How it works

The payment processing feature in Webex Events offers multiple secure options for collecting payments from ticket sales. One option is Stripe, which provides a technology-driven payment solution that simplifies money transfers in a borderless and programmable manner. Connecting your event to Stripe takes just a few steps and requires filling out a basic account application with information about your product, business, and your relationship to the business.

Another option is to collect payments offline through invoices and check payments. By enabling this option in the Registration settings and toggling the Invoice or Check feature, you can send invoices directly to attendees via their confirmation emails. You have the flexibility to include optional instructions in the confirmation email and invoice to provide additional information or guidelines to registrants.

Frequently Asked Questions

After creating your first ticket on the Tickets page, you’ll be prompted to connect your Event to Stripe. Read this article to learn how Stripe integrates with Webex Events. 

Credit & Debit Cards have a 2.9% plus 30 cents fee per successful charge. Stripe charges this fixed fee and percentage of the transaction each time you accept a credit or debit card payment. For international cards or if currency conversion is required, add 1%. 

Keep in mind, if you choose to pass Stripe fees to attendees, the total presented to attendees before checkout will be slightly lower than the final charge. Refer to Stripe’s article about passing fees for more details. 

Keep in mind, you must connect Registration to Stripe before you can publish. If you create a free ticket during Registration setup, you can create paid tickets after publishing Registration without linking to Stripe. However, paid tickets won’t appear on the registration page unless there’s a linked Stripe account. 

Great question! If your event takes place in a region that requires you to collect tax on registration orders, you can add your locality’s tax rate and government-issued tax ID to multiple ticket types. Read this article to learn more. 

Yes! If you’re setting up a new Registration, the Terms & Conditions and Refunds section is below the Tickets section. Read this article to learn more. 

When someone registers for your Event using the invoice or check option, it’s up to you to mark the payments as received once they pay you. Until an order is marked as paid, attendees won’t receive an email containing their tickets, and they won’t be synced to your Event App or Community. Learn more. 

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