Optimize attendee check-in with data-driven insights

Identify peak hours, discover confusion points, and explore traffic patterns to fine-tune your check-in experience. 

Explore the benefits of the Onsite metrics dashboard

Make event check-in a breeze with data-driven insights

Leverage real-time data to fine-tune your check-in process and improve overall attendee satisfaction. 

Tailor your event check-in reporting to your needs

Use filter drop-downs to get a quick and easy snapshot of check-in activity during and after your event. 

Maximize your event success with data insights

Use the Onsite Metrics Dashboard to get a competitive edge and improve the attendee experience. 

How it works

The Webex Events Onsite metrics dashboard is a powerful tool that provides event planners and professionals with invaluable insights into attendee check-in activity. Here’s how it works: 

Click the Metrics tab in the Onsite app to access the dashboard, which offers a comprehensive snapshot of check-in activity both during and after the event. 

Filter the data by Attendee Types, Check-in Types, or Printer Locations for specific dates or date ranges. 

View the number and percentage of attendees who checked in by searching their name or scanning a QR code. 

See the total number of badge reprints with a breakdown of reprints by Attendee Types or Badges. 

Generate customizable reports with attendee check-in information. 

By utilizing the Webex Events Onsite metrics dashboard, you can easily identify peak check-in hours, discover confusion points, and explore traffic patterns. This allows you to fine-tune the check-in experience for attendees, increasing efficiency and improving overall attendee satisfaction. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Some aspects of the Metrics page can take up to 15 minutes to update. Click the refresh icon in the upper right corner of the widget to view the most up-to-date data. 

Yes, simply click the Get Shareable Link button in the upper-right corner! Anyone with the link can see the metrics page — no login required 

Yes, you can export the attendee/check-in, attendee type, and attendee summary reports directly from the Onsite metrics dashboard.  

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