Elevate your event check-in experience with our all-in-one onsite check-in app 

Speed up event check-in with a dedicated app capable of processing four check-ins per minute and 240 check-ins per hour.

Explore the benefits of the Onsite check-in app

Say hello to a streamlined event check-in experience

Reduce manual tasks and free up staff time with an intuitive check-in app. 

Create fully branded event check-in experiences

Increase brand awareness with every check-in through personalized branding options. 

Speed up your event check-in process with instant badge printing

Say goodbye to check-in bottlenecks and hello to efficient badge printing. 

Streamline event check-in with seamless data integration

Eliminate the hassle of manual data entry with integrated registration data. 

Impress your attendees with branded badges

Provide a seamless check-in experience with badges that feature important attendee information. 

Unlock valuable check-in insights

Make informed staffing decisions and track badge reprints and printer usage with real-time check-in analytics. 

How it works

The Webex Events Onsite check-in app is a powerful tool that simplifies the event check-in process and provides valuable data insights. Here’s how it works: 

Before the event, upload attendee data collected through Webex Events Registration or any third-party registration platform into the Webex Events platform. 

Use the intuitive badge designer to create unique, beautifully branded badges that also include essential attendee information. You can customize badge designs with images, text, or icons that grant staff, press, and speakers access to different areas of your event space. 

During check-in, attendees can verify the accuracy of their registration information and update any information before printing, reducing costs from unnecessary reprints. 

Examine real-time check-in and badge printing analytics, all in one dashboard, with Webex Events Onsite metrics. You can track check-in during and after the event, discover attendee check-in patterns to inform staffing decisions, monitor badge reprints and printer usage, and more! 

With the Webex Events Onsite check-in app, you’ll have everything you need to streamline your event check-in process, create personalized attendee experiences, and gain valuable data insights to improve your event year after year. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Create a one-size-fits-all badge that everyone gets, or add custom images, text, and shapes, then use Onsite’s visibility rules to tailor each element to specific attendee groups, companies, or even individual people — no coding necessary! 

At Webex Events, we believe amazing events are possible when you’re equipped with flexible technology and services. With Webex Events Onsite, manage the entire check-in process on your own, or tap into our experienced team if you want help. 

Say goodbye to long check-in lines and bid farewell to wiping down iPads after each use by enabling Webex Events Onsite’s Fast Track feature. Once an attendee checks in by scanning their QR code, the Fast Track feature bypasses the search option and prints the badge instantly! 

When we say “end-to-end event check-in experience,” we mean it. Our rental kits come with all the check-in and badge printing hardware you need — iPads, iPad stands, printers, routers, and printing supplies.  

Let us know how many attendees will be at your event and your badge design needs, and we’ll ship you everything you need to bring your check-in and printing station to life. 

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