Customize your events on-screen experience 

Add static captions or eye-catching tickers, graphics, logos, overlays, and more to your live or pre-recorded event video. 

Explore the benefits of on-screen customization

Elevate your event visuals 

Share visual content like graphics and videos, conveniently accessed from the Media library.    

Flexible layout options 

Seamlessly switch between different layout options to suit the flow of your event. 

Eye-catching on-screen messaging 

Seamlessly integrate informative banners and tickers to keep your viewers informed and engaged. 

How it works

The on-screen customization feature allows you to personalize and optimize your live stream experience. To enhance presentations, request speakers to share pre-recorded videos in advance, which can be uploaded to the Studio’s Media tab before going live.

Webex Events also offers Closed Captions & Translations, leveraging machine learning for automatic closed captioning and written translations at no extra cost. Additionally, support for human closed captioning and audio captioning through third-party vendors is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Logo: 512×512 px PNG or JPG 

Overlay/background : 1920×1080 px PNG or JPG 

You can create graphics in nearly any photo editing program. If you’d rather have someone else do this for you, consider looking at StreamerTemplates, which offers a large selection of both free and paid templates. 

Nope! When you upload something to one Studio, it’s instantly available in all the others.

Yes! In addition to our own free Webex Events Closed Captions & Translations, we also support several third-party caption and translation providers.

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