Effortlessly collect data with multi-purpose badge QR codes

Maximize event check-in data and exhibitor ROI with a powerful QR code tool that lets you collect and track event data in real-time. 

Explore the benefits of the multi-purpose badge QR code

An integrated badge QR solution for all your event needs

Maximize your time and resources with a powerful tool that handles both attendee check-in and lead retrieval.  

Effortlessly scan leads and check-in attendees

Make the most of your time and resources with a seamless solution that streamlines lead retrieval and optimizes event check-in. 

Maximize sponsor ROI with real-time attendee data insights

Stay ahead of the curve with valuable insights that help you make informed decisions and drive revenue. 

How it works

The Webex Events badge QR code is an easy-to-use feature that simplifies event planning and execution by automating attendee check-in and lead retrieval. Once you activate Lead Retrieval, the My QR Code feature is automatically added to your Event App. Attendees simply launch the feature to access and share their personal QR Code. Exhibitors using the Lead Retrieval app can then scan the attendee’s phone to capture their information as a lead. This eliminates the need for manual data collection and streamlines the lead retrieval process, saving time and increasing efficiency.  

Additionally, the QR code feature can be used to check in attendees to an event, with Webex Events Onsite’s fast track feature bypassing the search option and printing badges instantly.  

The Webex Events badge QR code is a versatile and powerful tool that enhances the attendee experience, simplifies event management, and delivers real-time insights for informed decision-making. 

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