Break language barriers and reach a wider audience with multilingual support

Webex Events multilingual support makes it easy to accommodate attendees from all over the world. Say goodbye to language barriers and hello to a truly global event experience. 

Explore the benefits of multilingual support

Reach attendees around the world with 35 language options for your event app and registration

Multilingual support makes it easy to reach attendees worldwide, breaking down language barriers and boosting engagement.  `

Expand your reach with an inclusive event app

Provide an inclusive experience for all attendees with easy-to-use multilingual options in your event app. 

Grow your audience with a multilingual registration process

Easily set a default language and activate machine translation to simplify the process of creating registration forms. 

How it works

Webex Events offers multilingual support, enabling event organizers to create a more inclusive and accessible event experience for attendees. Event organizers can translate event registration and app content into 35 different languages, ensuring attendees can access information in their preferred language. Attendees can choose their preferred language in the Event App by clicking on their profile image and selecting from the available options. During live streams, the Closed Captions & Translations feature automatically displays closed captions in the language chosen by the attendee. Multilingual support simplifies the process of creating an inclusive event experience by offering translation for event and registration content in multiple languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the language attendees set in their profile is automatically selected when you use Webex Events Closed Captions & Translations in your live streams. Learn more about Webex Events Closed Captions & Translations. 

Consider building separate yet identical Event Apps in each required language for your event. For example, you could build one Event App in English and one in French. Keep in mind, if you take this approach, attendees in one Event App can’t engage and network with attendees within another Event App. 

If you’re considering this approach, carefully test your Event App and reach out to your Webex Events contact to strategize the best approach for your event. 

Consider using groups to create an even more immersive experience. Use groups to gather language preferences during Registration and create features, Announcements, and banners in the Event App for each language. Tie content to each respective language group so that attendees only experience that content in their language. 

Keep in mind, depending on how many languages your event needs to accommodate, whether your team has staff that are fluent in these languages, and other factors, implementation may require hiring an outside vendor to translate and/or help your team build out content for each language. 

If you’re considering this approach, carefully test your Event App and reach out to your Webex Events contact to strategize the best approach for your event. 

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