Qualify and rate leads with ease

Qualify leads and share relevant information with other teams directly from the Lead Retrieval app. 

lead retrieval app

Explore the benefits of lead qualification

Faster lead qualification 

Qualify leads by rating them up to five stars, and then picking a status: hot, warm, or cold. Two taps and done. 

Empower team collaboration 

Give exhibitors the opportunity to score their own scanned leads and share information in the lead retrieval app. 

Real-time lead management 

Review key metrics, such as total scans and average lead quality, for faster decision-making 

How it works

Once an attendee QR code has been scanned from their badge or mobile event app, exhibitors can instantly qualify leads with just two taps in the Lead Retrieval app. 

First, rate the lead up to five stars. Next, choose a status — hot, warm, or cold. And that’s it! Now you can focus on delivering quality interaction at your booth. 

Doing this up front gives clarity to the rest of the team during and after the event. Sales teams, for example, can drop the leads into automated email sequences for post-event follow-up. 

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