Provide your attendees with easy, intuitive navigation throughout the app

Internal linking is a simple yet powerful way to connect related event content. Drive awareness for sessions, speakers, sponsors, and more! 

Explore the benefits of internal linking

Intuitive navigation for your attendees

Use Internal linking to connect features and items throughout your Event App such as announcements, agenda sessions, sponsors, speakers, exhibitors, and more. 

One-click access to the features and information your attendees need

Attendees can easily access any of the internally linked features or items with the click of a button. 

Set up individual links to each feature or item or add them in bulk using import templates. 

How it works

Attendees select any of the internally linked items to access them instantly. When attendees open a feature item with Internal Linking, such as an Agenda session, the linked items display in the following order: 

Agenda sessions 
Single Document* 
Web List items* 
Video Rooms 
Single Item 
Custom List items 
Banner images** 

*Any feature or item marked with a single asterisk doesn’t have an ‘Add Internal Links’ section, so you must link to it from the feature you want to associate it with. You can’t link items marked with an asterisk together.  

**Banner layout images and announcements can’t link to Video Rooms or Web Link features. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! With Internal Linking you can link to features and feature items you’ve created in your Webex Events App, such as a session to a speaker or sponsor. This provides your attendees with easy, intuitive navigation throughout the app. 

Yes! Using our separate External Links feature, users can connect to areas outside your event app, such as an online portfolio, social pages, or even a website. Learn more. 

Yes! Users can add them in bulk using import templates. 

Showcasing sponsors in an event by linking them to sessions, video rooms, or other events they’re sponsoring is a perfect example of how users are using Internal Linking with success. When choosing your Internal Links for an item, consider other areas of the Event App or Community that users may be interested in. For example, when they’re viewing an Agenda session, they may want to know who the speaker is and they may want to also review presentation slides.  

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