Say goodbye to long check-in lines with fast track

Don’t let long check-in lines dampen your event experience. Use Webex Events fast track to expedite the check-in process. 

Explore the benefits of fast track

Fast, contactless check-in: get your attendees in checked-in in seconds

Eliminate wait times and streamline the check-in process, giving you more time to focus on other important aspects of your event. 

Impress your attendees with a modern, seamless check-in experience

Reduce wait times and create a more positive attendee experience, leading to increased satisfaction and engagement. 

Create a safe and contactless check-in experience

Provide a modern, safe and hygienic check-in experience for attendees with fast track’s contactless technology,  

How it works

Fast track check-in is a powerful feature of Webex Events Onsite that simplifies and accelerates the check-in process for event attendees. With Fast Track, attendees can check in with ease by simply scanning their QR code or tapping on their name. This feature bypasses the need for attendees to search for their information, allowing their badge to start printing immediately after their check-in. By enabling Fast Track, you can create a modern and professional check-in experience that streamlines the process and boosts attendee satisfaction. Best of all, Fast Track is contactless, reducing the need for physical contact and providing a safer and more hygienic check-in process. 

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