Empower exhibitors to purchase lead retrieval licenses

Invite your exhibitors to purchase lead retrieval licenses on their own with an exhibitor self-service purchase form. 

Explore the benefits of exhibitor self-service 

Convenient lead retrieval licensing for exhibitors

Make it easy for your exhibitors to buy their own lead retrieval licenses, getting them into the app faster. 

Build exhibitor and sponsor relationships 

Provide the best ROI for exhibitors and sponsors by inviting them to purchase and use the lead retrieval app. 

Build additional revenue through self-service forms

Set the price for licenses, connect your Stripe account, and send a link to the form out to exhibitors. 

How it works

When an exhibitor clicks on the purchase form link, the Lead Retrieval Purchase Form welcome page opens. The learn more link leads to the Getting Started with Lead Retrieval article from our Lead Retrieval knowledge base, and the ‘Click here to purchase!’ button leads to the form. 

After completing the form and clicking ‘Place Order’, a confirmation page appears that includes the Receipt Number, a summary of the email(s) to which instructions were sent, a link to the Getting Started with Lead Retrieval article, which shows them how to start using Lead Retrieval and links to download the app from Apple and Google. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Users can pre-purchase licenses and invite exhibitors individually. This option is best when you’re letting exhibitors use Lead Retrieval for free or when you need to add exhibitors to multiple different Exhibitor or Sponsor features in your Event App. Learn more 

Unfortunately, The Webex Events Platform doesn’t include a built-in refund option for Lead Retrieval purchases. If you need to refund an order, simply log in to your Stripe account and issue the refund there. Refer to Stripe’s Refunding and canceling orders guide for instructions. 

After submitting the purchase form, exhibitors and booth staff receive a Lead Retrieval invitation email, which has much of the same information as our Getting Started with Lead Retrieval article for exhibitors. It includes instructions for downloading the Lead Retrieval app and creating an account, finding an Event App or Community, inviting additional Booth Staff, and using the Lead Retrieval App. 

Keep in mind, when you use the purchase form, a percentage of the revenue from each license purchased is paid to your connected Stripe account and the Webex Events Stripe account. The exhibitor pays the Stripe fee and the License Price at checkout. Reach out to your Webex Events contact or our support team for details. 

Yes! Simply choose whether people using the form can add new exhibitor profiles to the Event App. New profiles created through the form are added to the Sponsors or Exhibitors feature you select. This saves you from having to enter all your exhibitors into the Event App beforehand. You’ll still want to fill out exhibitor profiles with images, descriptions, and any other details, however. 

Simply disconnect your Stripe account and the Exhibitor Self-Service form will be deactivated. 

Yes! If you’d like to track how exhibitors are accessing the purchase form link using UTM parameters, you can! Simply append the purchase form link with the UTM parameters using a URL builder before you send it out to exhibitors. 

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