Track and optimize event registration 

Webex Events Registration Page Tracking empowers event planners to make informed decisions to drive successful events. 

Explore the benefits of event registration analytics and tracking 

Seamlessly integrate with your favorite analytics tools

Connect your Webex Events registration page with a variety of analytics tools, including GA4, Meta Pixel, LinkedIn Insights, and Google Tag Manager. 

Track your event’s marketing ROI from start to finish 

Discover critical data points like unique page views, bounce rate, and conversion rate to increase registrations and achieve revenue goals. 

Set up multiple tracking tools for comprehensive event insights 

With Webex Events Registration Page Tracking, event planners can enable and set up multiple tracking tools for the same event. 

How it works

Webex Events’ Registration Page Tracking enables event planners to gain critical insights into their marketing campaigns and optimize their event registration process. 
Setting up the feature is easy: simply add your preferred analytics tools’ tracking codes to your Webex Events registration page. From there, you can monitor a range of valuable data points, including unique page views, average duration spent on the website, bounce rate, conversion rate, and campaign source. 
Webex Events supports a variety of popular analytics tools, including Google Analytics (GA4), Meta Pixel, LinkedIn Insight Tag, and Google Tag Manager. Plus, you can set up multiple tracking tools for a single event, giving you comprehensive insights into your event’s performance from start to finish. 

Take your events to the next level

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