Create unique promo codes for your events 

Manage discount and access codes to offer special deals and hidden tickets for your event registrants. 

Explore the benefits of promo & access codes

Personalize your attendees’ registration process with unique access and promo codes 

Attract more attendees and boost sales by offering exclusive discounts and hidden tickets to your registrants. 

Import and export multiple promo codes with ease 

Quickly set up your promotional campaigns with the ability to import or export multiple codes in just a few clicks. 

Easily share your event registration page with a promo code already applied – simplifying the promotion process and encouraging more registrations in the process. 

How it works

Event promo codes are special codes that offer discounts or hidden tickets to registrants of an event. There are two types of promo codes: discount codes and access codes. Discount codes are used to reduce the ticket price by a fixed dollar amount or percentage. Access codes are used to reveal hidden tickets that are invisible until a registrant enters its assigned access code.

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