Create, manage, and post polls easily to keep attendees engaged

Create a rich experience for your attendees during your sessions, live streams, and throughout the event. 

Explore the benefits of event polls

Foster deeper attendee engagement 

Leverage event polls to gauge attendee interest during a session or live stream.

Encourage participation with the use of anonymous responses

To enhance participation and inclusivity during in-person Q&A sessions, offering the option for anonymous responses enables attendees to ask questions without feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable being in the spotlight.

Export event poll metrics to gain deeper insight and follow-up with attendees

Generate insightful follow-ups by exporting your poll results, including questions, answers, vote percentages, vote numbers, and voters.

How it works

The Event Polls feature in Webex Events allows for flexible and convenient polling options during sessions or live streams. You can add polls individually to specific sessions, import multiple polls at once, or create dedicated polls separate from any specific stream. Once you have published your Event App and enabled polling, you can easily add polls to different features. To manage your polls, you can access various options such as reviewing and exporting results, editing, deactivating, or deleting polls by clicking the Settings (…) icon next to each poll.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We partner with Slido as our premier live polling and Q&A provider. Learn more. There’s also a variety of other third-party solutions that can work seamlessly with Webex Events. Learn more. 

Yes! A simple check box gives you the options to show poll results or not. If you do not check this box, attendees will only be able to see their own submitted answers. 

Yes! Simply multi-select polls to take actions in bulk like export, deactivate, or delete them. 

When you export your poll results, you’ll receive a detailed report in an Excel spreadsheet. The file contains Instructions, Polling, and Reference Sheet tabs, and it has separate sheets for every feature or session with data on the poll(s) associated with that feature. Data includes questions, options (answers), vote percentages, vote numbers, and voters (includes name, title, company, and email) 

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