Create interactive event floor plans

The Maps feature helps in-person attendees find their way around your venue and discover points of interest. As attendees explore the map, they click on regions to find features tied to that area of the venue, such as speaker profiles and sponsor booths. 

Explore the benefits of clickable event floor plans

Enhance the attendee experience with an interactive event venue map 

Easily create detailed maps of your venue and highlight key areas for your attendees. Whether it’s directing guests to the registration area, pointing out where the keynote speaker will be presenting, or highlighting restrooms and food stations, our interactive maps help attendees navigate your event with ease. 

Create a personalized navigation experience 

Upload multiple maps of your event venue, add regions and locations, and link these to various event features, enabling attendees to easily navigate through the venue, find their way to points of interest, and reduce the need for staff assistance. 

By seeing where specific speakers or sponsors are located on the map, attendees can easily plan to visit their booths or attend their sessions, which can lead to valuable networking opportunities. 

How it works

The Webex Events interactive map feature allows organizers to easily create interactive maps of event venues to help attendees navigate and explore the event. The feature allows organizers to add sessions, sponsors, and speakers to specific locations on the map, making it easy for attendees to find and connect with the content and people that interest them most. Attendees can click on map markers to view session details, speaker bios, and sponsor information, and even join sessions directly from the map interface. 

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