Streamline event communication with registration emails

Preschedule or automate event-related emails to reduce workload, increase efficiency, and keep attendees informed and engaged with timely and relevant information. 

Explore the benefits of event email campaigns

Segment your event communication by registrant type 

Send targeted messages based on registrant type and ensure your attendees have a seamless experience.

Create personalized emails effortlessly

Personalize event emails by using supported variables, such as attendee name, ticket type, or venue name. Preview in real-time to ensure accuracy. 

Save time with built-in email creation, testing, and scheduling tools

Create, test, and send custom emails with ease, all without leaving the Webex Events platform.

How it works

Automated event registration emails allow event planners to send or schedule emails to registrants. These emails can be customized with a variety of fields, including basic information, such as the name of the event and the from name, as well as more specific details, such as recipient type and add to calendar options. The message editor also offers formatting options, and supported variables allow for personalization.

Additionally, call-to-action buttons can be included for recipients to download event-related apps or complete other tasks. After creating and sending registration emails through Webex Events Registration, you can manage and track their performance using the metrics feature. You can see metrics such as the number of emails sent, delivered, opened, and clicked. This data can help you improve your email strategy and optimize your messaging for better engagement.

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