Make your events stand out with custom event badge design 

Whether you want a simple, one-size-fits-all badge, or a series of customized badges unique to various attendee types, we have you covered.  

Explore the benefits of custom event badge designs

Create personalized badge designs for every attendee type 

Save time and eliminate confusion at check-in with badges that are customized for different attendee types. 

Create unique event badge designs – no outside software required  

Create custom, fully branded event badge designs quickly and easily, without the need for specialized design skills or software. 

Save time and reduce errors with automated data imports 

Eliminate the risk of manual data entry errors and expedite the badge creation process by importing user fields directly from attendee registration. 

How it works

The event badge design feature in Webex Events Onsite allows you to customize badges for your event attendees, making the check-in process a breeze. Whether you want to create a unique badge for each attendee type or a one-size-fits-all design, you can do it all.

To get started, simply access the Badge page from your event’s Onsite page. From there, you can create new badges, manage existing ones, and edit attendee types. Once you’ve created a badge, you can start designing it using the design tools panel. 

After you’ve designed your badge, you can publish changes in the Webex Events Platform and refresh the Onsite App on each of your check-in iPads to make sure everything is up to date. With the Badge Rules feature, the check-in experience is the same for everyone, no matter how their badge is customized. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Webex Events Onsite badge design feature is a tool that allows event planners to customize badges for attendees to wear at their event. The feature is customizable, meaning that planners can create badges unique to various attendee types. The tool is designed to make the check-in experience the same for everyone, regardless of how their badge is customized. 

Yes, you can use attendee types to design and print unique badges for different types of attendees. You can create attendee types when importing or adding attendees manually.  

Before you start adding and arranging elements on a badge, there are some important things to consider that may influence your design, such as contrast and color, double-sided badges, and image quality. 

Supported image formats are JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF, and BMP.

Yes, you can make changes to a badge design after setting up check-in at the venue. Flexibility is the key to a great event check-in experience!

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