Stand out with a customized event app design  

Match your event app’s style to your attendees, sponsors, and brand with our powerful customization feature. Customize icons, navigation, app banners, and CTAs for a seamless experience. 

Explore the benefits of event app customization 

Design your event app, your way 

Immerse your attendees in a visually captivating event app that embodies your brand. With custom icons and navigation, you can create a cohesive and intuitive design that enhances the overall user experience, making it effortless for attendees to explore and engage with your event. 

Maximize visibility and promote key content 

Grab your attendees’ attention and drive meaningful interactions with custom banners in your event app. Whether it’s showcasing important content or promoting exclusive offers, customizing banners empowers you to create visually stunning experiences that drive attendee participation and enhance event impact. 

Drive action with custom CTAs 

Guide your attendees toward meaningful interactions with custom CTAs in your event app. By designing compelling calls-to-action that align with your event’s goals, you can create seamless user journeys that prompt attendees to take the desired actions, fostering deeper engagement and maximizing the impact of your event. 

How it works

Event app customization puts you in control of crafting a personalized and immersive event experience. With the ability to customize design elements such as icons and navigation, you can align the app’s look and feel with your event’s branding, ensuring a cohesive and memorable visual identity. By tailoring the content through custom banners, you can captivate attendees and strategically promote sponsors, sessions, and promotions, maximizing visibility and engagement.

Additionally, custom CTAs empower attendees to take meaningful actions, nurturing interactions with sponsors, speakers, exhibitors, and other key event stakeholders. This increased engagement translates into higher ROI for supporting organizations, enhancing the overall success of the event and fostering better sponsor and exhibitor retention from one event to the next. With event app customization, you have the power to shape the attendee experience, create valuable connections, and drive tangible results for both your event and its stakeholders. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Customizing the event app does not require extensive technical knowledge or expertise. Webex Events provides a user-friendly interface that makes customization accessible to event professionals and planners. With intuitive tools and clear instructions, you can easily customize design elements, banners, and CTAs without the need for coding or technical skills. 

Yes! Event app customization allows you to tailor different elements of the app based on attendee groups or segments. This feature enables you to create a personalized experience for specific groups, such as virtual attendees or VIP guests. By customizing design elements, banners, and CTAs, you can deliver targeted content and experiences to different segments, enhancing engagement and meeting the specific needs and preferences of each group.  

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